Don’t Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle

Don’t Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle



                    The death of contentment is comparison. Let me say that again….The death of contentment is comparison! Comparison can make us bitter, angry, and ungrateful for what we have. The people we tend to compare ourselves to have “arrived” to some degree either in their career, family life, etc and that is what makes the things they have so desirable to others. However, if you really knew what a person has had to endure to get to where they are today, you may end up not wanting what they have!

           Have you ever heard the phrase, “You may see my glory, but you don’t know my story”? We are all equipped with particular gifts, exposed to certain surroundings, and go through circumstances that shape our life experience. Yours is not the same as mine. Understanding that, we should not expect the same results with different ingredients. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t loose focus on your goals by comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle.

–Dr. April