15 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up from a Day that Sucks

15 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up from a Day That Sucks


             Just admit it. No matter how “together” we try to run our daily lives, there are days that just plain suck! I had one of those days last week . I woke up with the best intentions for my day going great. I prayed to God for a good day before my feet even hit the floor that morning. I had a delicious breakfast and even snuck in a couple swigs of Mountain Dew (it’s my equivalent of coffee) before I left home for my office. So how in the world did I feel totally defeated by the time the clock struck 5pm???

            I have several ways of dealing with this type of day and I’m sharing some of those with you below. Some are things I’ve actually done, some are things that I’m mustering up the courage to do the next time a bad day rolls around and some are things little birdies have stopped by to tell me they’ve done (LOL). I’ll leave it up to you to decipher which is which 🙂 Here it goes:

1.) Find the best 90’s R&B Satellite Radio Station, turn it up, stand in the middle of a room that echos – hairbrush in hand as a microphone, and sing like you’re one of the last 3 contestants standing on American Idol!

2.) Buy the largest container of Vanilla and Salted Caramel Gelato in the grocery store freezer section and eat half of it before you even leave the grocery store parking lot

3.) Flip to the On-Demand station of Comcast and watch the past 3 episodes of  your favorite TV show, the same ones you’ve seen twice already

4.) Head to the nail shop to get your toenails painted, even in the dead of winter. Sit in the massage chair for a full 30 minutes after your nails have been polished. Don’t judge. Those massage chairs are awesome!

5.) Drink a glass, or two of a great white wine…….in the extra-large Olivia Pope style wine glasses!

6.) Retail Therapy – Set a budget though. Retail therapy while you are feeling ‘some kinda way’ can have horrible consequences

7. )Put on your best pair of running shoes and hit the pavement with no set destination in mind. Just run for exercise until you get tired…..

8.) Call it a night around 6pm. Lights out………………………………

9.) Have a glass of wine, imagine yourself as a character in a romantic novel………then call it a night around 7pm. Lights out……………………………….

10.) Read a really good book from cover to cover

11.) Go for a ride in a really wealthy neighborhood and imagine what it would be like to live there. If you already live in one of these neighborhoods……never mind.

12.) Cook a huge pot of pasta, preferably Fettuccine Alfredo! Throw in some chicken and Broccoli. It’s a great comfort food.

13.) Have a really good cry about the day that sucked 😦

14.) Pack a bag or two, book a flight, and leave for the Bahamas to enjoy some sun for a day or two

15.) Blog about 15 ways to cheer yourself up from a day that sucks!

Tell me, what do you do to turn a horrible day around??

— Dr. April


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