Feel Into Your Future

Feel Into Your Future

Positive vibes

          I talk a lot here on the blog about how our words have power and that we have the power, through our thoughts and the words we speak, to improve our lives and have those things and experiences we desire! Words have power, but so do our FEELINGS!

          When you are desiring something intensely, you are simultaneously sending out the vibrations of what you desire into the Universe. When you can imagine yourself feeling, having, and acting as if what you desire is already a part of your reality, you are working to bring that to fruition!

          Every morning when I wake up, a couple of the first things I repeat over and over to myself are “I expect great news today!” “My dreams and desires are met today!” and “I am a money magnet!” Not only do I say these things repeatedly, but I FEEL them as if they are my reality!

          Before I was on solid financial footing in my business, one of the dreams and desires I declared being met everyday was that my medical practice become profitable. I repeated the phrase “I AM a Money Magnet” and really felt it to be true everyday (even before it was lol)! Soon, the manifestation of this came to fruition before the normal 5 years that statistics say it takes a business to be profitable and I started making more money in my business than I ever had!

          Before I met my husband, one of “My dreams and desires are met today” was to meet the man of my dreams and become a wonderful wife. I would repeat, over and over – “I am a wonderful wife. I am a wonderful wife. I am a wonderful wife” and FEEL as if I already was a wonderful wife. I used this phrase, and the emotion that came with it, to day-dream about being married and feeling it into existence. ****I should also make very clear that I coupled this practice daily with much prayer and tremendous faith to deliver the perfect husband for me! 2015 has been the year that my husband and I started dating, got engaged and got married!

          Try it for yourself and see…it really works! The positive, joyous emotions you conjure up “feeling” those things you desire can literally bring them into existence. Make time to sit down with those positive emotions for at least 5-10 minutes every day and imagine how great it would feel to already have those things you desire. Start today to FEEL into your Future!

Dr Carmen April Speaker          Dr. Carmen April is an entrepreneur and community leader recognized as a 2014 Nashville Emerging Leader Award (NELA) Winner, a 2013 Nashville Business Journal Top 40 Under Forty Award Recipient and is a 2014 Graduate of the New Leaders Council Institute – Nashville Chapter.  Dr. April is available for speaking engagements on Leadership for College Students and Young Professionals.

You can follow her daily #Leadership insights on Twitter @DrCarmenApril


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