Seed. Time. Harvest.

Seed. Time. Harvest.

Seed time harvest

          Seed. Time. Harvest is a pretty cool concept to use when talking about FAITH……FAITH that our dreams and desires will manifest for us!

❐ When you are making a request for something you desire to the Universe/God/Spiritual Guide you must 1st get very clear on what you want and then confidently asking for it – You are planting your SEED.

❐ The 2nd step is undoubtedly the hardest because it is a period of waiting/TIME/being patient. It’s a period of time that is out of our control. Albert Einstein once said that “time is but an illusion.”

          You see, we operate on Chronos time. Chronos is where the word “Chronological Time” is derived. Ex – 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute. 365 days per year. However, our Spirit Guide operates in Kairos time which is very different. Kairos time refers to an appointed time, an opportune moment, or a due season. Kairos time occurs irrespective of Chronos time but is always “right on time”!

          We tend to be impatient and human nature desires that we have what we want when we want it….which is usually right now! However, mastering patience and continuing to stay positive during the “time” part of this algorithm is the key to having a positive outlook on manifesting your dreams and desires.

          A phrase that I’ve heard my mom say from time to time is this …..”just keep living and you’ll learn to trust Him!” There are going to be plenty of these “Seed. Time. Harvest.” opportunities you will experience over the course of your lifetime. Even though the “Time” aspect is usually never comfortable, it is necessary for the processes.

          You can’t plant an apple seed one day and expect a fully grown tree bearing fruit the next day. It doesn’t happen like that. The seed must undergo a process of maturing under just the right conditions to eventually form a thriving Apple Tree – this takes time. The more you learn to trust the “Time” processes, the happier you will be!

❐ The 3rd step is Harvest! This is the part we all try to fast-forward to – receiving that thing/those things we have asked for! This is the stuff dreams and desires are made of – the actualization of them coming true!

          This is the process and there is no way around it. Another way that this phrase has been stated is –> Ask. Believe. Receive. Different words – same concept!

Ask Believe receive

          My advice – become REALLY, REALLY dedicated to praying and meditating your way through the “Time/Believe” part of it and leave the “How” your dreams and Desires will manifest up to the Supreme Authority who knows how to best deliver it to you at the perfect time. Spirit Guide can figure it out much better than you can any day of the week!

Be Blessed!

Dr Carmen April Speaker          Dr. Carmen April is an entrepreneur and community leader recognized as a 2014 Nashville Emerging Young Leader Award Winner, a 2013 Nashville Business Journal Top 40 Under Forty Award Recipient and is a 2014 Graduate of the New Leaders Council Institute – Nashville Chapter.  Dr. April is available for speaking engagements on Entrepreneurship for College Students and Young Professionals.


2 thoughts on “Seed. Time. Harvest.

  1. Once you stop fighting the process and understand that is necessary in your maturation, you can learn to enjoy and maximize the season more. I’m learning. Thanks for continuing to share pivotal topics.

    • So true Tamara! It’s human nature to want what we want, when we want it, but that’s not how it works lol! We have to be patient and know that when we are doing our part in a positive way, the Universe is on our side to allow us to succeed and see our dreams and desires come to pass. The waiting period in between is important and is there to teach us many lessons as well!

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