Leadership Power

Leadership Power

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               Leadership is an action. Leadership is something you give, not take. Leadership is designed to empower others, not take power away. Power can be abused by those in leadership positions and we’ve seen it abused by politicians, celebrities, managers, educators, coaches, parents, etc. Anyone in a position of influence over others has the choice to use their leadership position for good or abuse it for bad.

             History is full of people who where leaders in the sense that they influenced others to follow them, but who abused the leadership position they had. Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro were both able to round up a slew of followers and influence them to follow their lead. However, I don’t know many who would agree that they were admirable leaders due of the pain and suffering they caused large populations of people.

             Abuse of power is an easy trap to fall into and leaders on any level should do self-evaluations regularly to ensure that their leadership style is working to empower and not devalue the efforts and work of their teams.

What are you doing to ensure that your leadership style is empowering, not harming, your team??

— Dr. April

Dr. Carmen April's Speaker Series

Dr. Carmen April’s Speaker Series


This post is part of a series on Leadership presented by Dr. Carmen April. She is a young entrepreneur and community leader recognized as a 2013 Nashville Business Journal Top 40 Under Forty Award Recipient and is currently a 2014 New Leaders Council Fellow – Nashville Chapter.  Dr. April is available for speaking engagements on Entrepreneurship for college students and young professionals.


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