Dr. April – Blogger

Dr. Carmen April is also the Creator and Blogger of Dinner With, online lifestyle blogs featuring everything from her favorite restaurant to the people and events that inspire her!

Dr Carmen April

             ” The idea for Dinner With Nerds all started with my love for food photography! I’ve been obsessed with food photography since I was a kid. Switching from film to digital left me with a ton of great food photos sitting on my computer where no one (including me, most of the time) would see them. I decided to combine my passion for food photography, enjoyment of dining at great restaurants and addiction to networking into my blog, Dinner With Nerds! I never could have imagined the joy I get from blogging and the opportunities it has allowed me to experience!”

Dinner With Nerds Blog

                     Dinner With Nerds Blog

The lesson in the journey –> Always embrace what you enjoy doing. Even if some of your passions are a total 180 Degree difference from you career, nurture them, love them and cultivate them! Life has a very interesting way of unraveling in our favor when we follow our dreams 🙂


❐ Featured in a 2016 online Time Magazine article about #WhatADoctorLooksLike  HERE

❐ Featured in a 2013 Episode of Eat St. on the Cooking Channel with the Crepe Diem Food Truck in Nashville, TN

❒ Featured in a 2013 Episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fierri featuring The Grilled Cheeserie Food Truck on The Food Network

❒ Featured in The Nashville Business Journal 2013 discussing Food Blogging  – “Podiatrist passionate about Food Photography and Blogging” April 12th, 2013

❒ Featured on The Blog Nerds Blog on April 8th, 2013

❒ Featured on Loop21 in the Segment: “Business Matters: Meet 3 Professionals With Thriving Side Hustles”

❒ Restaurant Spotlight Writer for Mocha Market Magazine

❒ Food & Restaurant Contributor for the Pumps & Politics Radio Show

❒ Member, Nashville Food Bloggers Association

❒ Featured in Mutual of Omaha’s 2013 “My Aha Moment” Campaign sharing the story of becoming a Food Blogger

❒ Official Food Blogger for local and national food events

❒ Guest Contributor and Blogger for various print publications

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