Ann DeVeaux Boutique Launch

The Launching of Ann DeVeaux Boutique!

Ann DeVeaux Boutique


The term “serial entrepreneur” is attached to those of us Type A Personalities who find the wheels of entrepreneurial creativity ALWAYS spinning in our heads! Ideas come forth while in the shower, taking a walk in the park, driving along the highway, and especially for me, when I’m meditating. We test the viability of our ideas by running through scenarios of how our ideas will work, we weed out the bad ones and continue to iterate on the good ones. The ideas that are recurring and that tend to build momentum in my mind are usually the ones I test against my gut instinct/intuition and take the leap with those ideas that have vibrations that line up with my core dreams and desires. Most importantly, they must line up with my personal purpose and motto which is to “Uplift, Encourage and Inspire!”


See a need, test the market, create the brand….then JUMP!


My medical practice, is thriving and I feel so blessed from every angle of it! It’s not going anywhere…..I’m simply creating some “ in addition to” & “Increase”! My newest venture has been in the works for almost 2 years now and I’m finally ready to take that leap. Several months into the creation process I had a gut feeling that I should put these plans on hold because I had a gut feeling that the timing wasn’t right. I always trust my gut. I just left it there, didn’t work on it at all, and didn’t think about it most days. Until…………until the wheels in my head started spinning again. Only this time, they were spinning and indicating that the time is right to take that leap!


As a tall girl with curves, standard boutique S-M-L sizes just don’t work for me. In the past couple of years I’ve started to have some of my pieces custom made to accommodate my height and curves and it feels like I’ve hit a gold mine! I also started seeking out boutiques and brands that carry curvy girl sizes and I was hooked. I’ve decided to bring what I’ve found helpful for me to other Curvy Girls, Plus-Size Women, and Full-Figured Fashionistas!


Ann DeVeaux Boutique
For the Curvy Girl, the Plus-Sized Woman, the Full-Figured Fashionista

          Ann DeVeaux Boutique is an online fashion hub I created for the curvy girl, the plus size woman, the full-figured fashionista, out of a need for curvy girl fashion not easily found in traditional box retailers and fashion boutiques. A Curvy girl should never have to sacrifice her love for fashion because of the size on a clothing tag or be relegated to a small selection of clothes in the far back corner of the store.

I’m so excited about this boutique because as Tom Ford says, “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. Be unapologetically confident in how you present yourself to the world every day and go for it!

The items we curate for our boutique range from casual, everyday clothing to fashion statement pieces. These pieces are stylish, comfortable, and flattering. We order and stock limited quantities of each piece to create a unique boutique experience so if you see it, BUY IT! As we’ve learned from our experience selling on the Amazon Marketplace, our pieces don’t stick around for long!

P.S – We never want to leave our non-curvy girls out. We have a gorgeous selection of fashion jewelry, handbags and other items available so every woman can feel fabulous in our fashions!


Dr. Carmen April                 Dr. Carmen April is an entrepreneur and community leader recognized as a Nashville Emerging Leader (NELA) Award Winner, a Nashville Business Journal Top 40 Under Forty Award Recipient and is a Graduate of the New Leaders Council Institute – Nashville Chapter. She is a Podiatrist and Owner of The Foot And Ankle Healthcare Center, PC in the Nashville area. She is a Reiki Master, a Law of Attraction Practitioner, and an advocate for the power of positive thinking! Dr. April is available for speaking engagements on Leadership & Life Leadership for College Students and Young Professionals and is the creator of the “Design Your Story” Women’s Empowerment Luncheon Series.